The best Joint Product I have ever used.
I really think this is a great product. Now that I am in my 50's ... my joints are
limiting my recreational activities. I have tried other joint products .. they
help but not as much as TFX Flex. I have read the clinical studies on the
UCII ... Impressive studies.. I will recommend this to my friends..
- By jamieanderson19611, from Geismar LA
Great Product!!!!!
I have used other joint products. I am so glad that there is now a high
Quality UCII product in GNC. The Clinicals on this product are sound. I have
reviewed them. I feel 20 years younger. I am back hiking, playing golf and
enjoying an outdoor life style. Thanks GNC for making this available.
- By Kellyjohnson794, from Florence, AL
Good Results.
I have been suffering from joint discomfort for several years. At 61 yet still
active, I just attributed the aches to wear-and-tear. I have been taking
Glucosamine to alleviate the symptoms. I thought I was feeling pretty
good until I had a flair-up of joint discomfort about two months ago so I
tried TFX Flex-Type II Collagen Bone and Joint Support Formula. I have
been taking the supplement for about three weeks now and started
feeling better this week... and find that I have better mobility. I intend to
purchase an additional supply of the supplement.
- By Ken N.
Really works!
I was extremely dubious about this product but chose to give it a try
before having my husband try it. After 2 weeks I noticed that my ankles
were not as stiff first thing in the morning going down 2 flights of stairs to
take the dogs out and by 4 weeks my shoulders and neck felt better.
Husband now takes it and has noticed that his legs [from ankles to thighs]
are not hurting as much; he broke both bones in both legs in a fall and
was living in constant discomfort since 2007. He is also a diabetic and
cannot take the glucosamine products.
- By V. Shekell
Love this stuff!!!
After two knee surgeries, I was skeptical after trying just about everything out there for my knee aches, but when you're in pain, you'll try just about anything. I'm glad that I gave this a shot, as it worked great, and I was seeing/feeling results in less than a week! Obviously I can't speak for all, but it worked great for me, and I'm just getting ready to order more!

I metal detect as a hobby, and with all the bending/kneeling/squatting, it was really taking its toll on my knee, but when I started talking TexFlex, I hardly noticed it anymore!!! At age 50, I'm too young for knee replacement (ugh), but now I don't have to worry about it any longer.

Hopefully you'll get the same relief that I got by using this, I really do stand by this stuff. It worked great!!!
- By M. Jacobson "Stilpony"
(Fort Atkinson, WI)
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